What are those dark spots on the top of my feet and ankles?

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Melanoma, the most serious skin cancer, develops on skin that gets too much sun. It can also begin in places where the sun rarely shines, such as your foot. Because most people never kiểm tra their feet for signs of melanoma, this cancer often spreads before it’s noticed.

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Allowed to lớn spread, melanoma can turn deadly. By checking your feet, you can find it early when it’s highly treatable. Here’s what you need khổng lồ know khổng lồ find melanoma on your feet.

Everyone needs to check their feet for signs of melanoma

People of all races và colors get melanoma on their feet. In fact, about the same number of African Americans và Caucasians develop melanoma on a foot.1 For people of African or Asian ethnicity, the feet và hands are the most common places for melanoma lớn appear.2

Everyone needs to kiểm tra their feet for signs of melanoma

About the same number of African Americans và Caucasians develop melanoma on a foot.


Check every part of your feet for signs of melanoma

By thoroughly checking your feet, you can find melanoma early. The following picture shows you where to look.

Pay close attention to lớn places on your feet that have been injured. Even if the injury was years ago, examine the area carefully.

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Research has shown that a foot injury may increase your risk of developing melanoma. Bob Marley, a legendary reggae artist, developed melanoma on his foot. It’s believed that the melanoma began where he had injured his foot while playing soccer. He later died of melanoma.

Look for the signs of melanoma

When this skin cancer develops on a foot, you may see the ABCDEs of melanoma, but it’s also possible for a melanoma khổng lồ have different features. Aside from looking lượt thích a changing mole, a melanoma on the foot can appear as a:

Brown or black vertical line under a toenail

Pinkish-red spot or growth

New spot or growth where you injured your foot

Rapidly growing mass on your foot, especially where you once injured your foot

Non-healing sore on your foot (or a sore that heals và returns)

Sore that looks like a diabetic ulcer

Sometimes, melanoma on the foot feels painful, bleeds, or itches, but not always. The bleeding tends to lớn stop and start.

The following pictures show you what melanoma can look like on the foot.

Melanoma on the bottom of a toe

You can see some of the ABCDEs of melanoma. One half of this spot is unlike the other, it has an uneven border, & the color varies within the spot.

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