III King is specialized in shipping cars, rolling & project equipment to worldwide destinations (F.E. Africa: Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, … - United States – Latin America: Ecuador, Peru- Europe– Asia, The Middle-East – & many more!) - You are không lấy phí to tương tác us for a quotation!

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Covid-19 measures

III King follows the developments closely & takes preventive measures lớn protect the health & safety of our employees, customers và families. At the same time we are doing everything in our power lớn keep services intact as much as possible in the coming weeks.

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Our offices will be open to clients on appointment only (1 person). Monday thru Friday between 10.00 và 14.00 AM

We ask our customers khổng lồ limit their presence lớn 1 person at a time in the Customer Reception area và to prepare their documents in advance lớn minimize waiting time.

We can be contacted by email for any additional information: info
daichiensk.com. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this time.

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Port of Antwerp new rules for cargo acceptance!

As from December the 5th, the new rules, announced in the PDF you can tải về here, will be implemented! We will no longer accept vehicles loaded with additional cargo inside!

III King tracking app

L"application 3 King Tracking simplifie la planification et le tracement de vos envois. Télécharger notre nouvelle application điện thoại gratuitement! Cliquez ici pour plus d"information.


III King and Neptune Lines announce the start of a new regular service from Antwerp to lớn Libya

The service will run from the port of Antwerp và additional European/ Mediterranean ports will soon be announced. This is the first LINER SERVICE cooperation between the 2 companies that had several cooperation during the past decade.

NEPTUNE LINES is a leader in the NEW cars & trucks carrying to and from the Mediterranean and III KING a major shipper of mainly used rolling equipment lớn Africa và the Middle East.

The maiden sailing to Libya will be on October 15thfrom ICO terminal 1241 in Antwerp. Kiểm tra the schedule!

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